Let us help you solve a design problem, develop a new product or enhance an existing product. Our nontoxic TPU (thermoplastic urethane) honeycomb is ideal for footwear, sports products and other shock-absorbing applications. Sheets of our ventilated Stimulite® honeycomb (Stimulite Breathable Sheets) are available in a range of configurations. Popular with interior designers and custom fabricators, these flexible sheets easily contour over all types of surfaces and are suitable for numerous cushioning applications, including furniture and other products for the home. In the medical field, they're ideal for customizing seating and positioning systems for wheelchair users.

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OEM Agreement

Our proprietary technology is protected by patents and trademarks worldwide. Customers who use our technology in their products must sign and comply with our O.E.M. Agreement. The agreement requires that our technology be referenced by name on products and in accompanying promotional materials and advertisements, press releases and photographs for both print and broadcast media.

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