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Are you a helicopter pilot looking for a more comfortable seat cushion and greater head clearance? We can help!

Supracor is developing Stimulite® honeycomb seat cushions for the helicopter industry using a revolutionary flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that is extremely lightweight.

Like structural aerospace honeycomb, Stimulite is an optimum strength-to-weight material so seat cushions made from Stimulite can be thinner than foam cushions, while providing a unique level of comfort and increased head clearance.

Stimulite contours naturally to the body and provides uniform weight distribution. The perforated honeycomb cells keep the body cooler, eliminating the discomfort caused by heat and moisture build-up common with traditional cushions. The “footprint” of the cells’ edges combined with their flexing action promotes circulation, especially important on long flights.

Compared to foam cushions, cushions made from Stimulite have a lower lifetime cost due to their thermoplastic composition. Stimulite’s sustainability and resistance to aging provides a longer cushion life requiring less frequent replacement.

Additionally, we are developing several replacement helicopter seat cushions as well as providing Stimulite in several replacement cushion kits designed and manufactured by companies who offer STCed solutions to the helicopter industry.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our new product line and how you can incorporate Stimulite into your aircraft.

Made in California from American-made materials, view our readily available, exceptionally comfortable Stimulite® SupraSeat® Cushion and Carry-On Cushion, which is ideal for pilots.

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