Supracor News

Supracor is proud to announce that its Stimulite® honeycomb cushions are now flying on Swiss International Airlines’ new Boeing 777 aircraft. The quality-minded airline chose Stimulite cushions to provide sustained comfort for their passengers on long-haul flights. Click here to learn more.

Supracor’s Stimulite honeycomb for aircraft seating was a finalist for the coveted Crystal Cabin Award for innovation in aircraft cabins, specifically in the category of passenger comfort. The Crystal Cabin Award is the only international award for innovation in aircraft cabins.

Supracor’s innovation, Stimulite honeycomb is a thin, lightweight alternative to traditional foam seat cushions. A flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that has memory, Stimulite self adjusts to each passenger, providing uniform weight distribution and also ventilation. Its cellular matrix is more than 90 percent open space with less than 10 percent material in contact with the body. The “footprint” of the cells’ edges combined with their flexing action promotes circulation, especially important on long flights.
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For more than twenty years, Stimulite has been a leading technology in medical support surfaces for pressure sore prevention. Its high performance is recognized by the U.S. military in which Stimulite is the specified ejection seat cushion for the F-18 Hornet fighter jets and rotor craft, including the H60 Black Hawk helicopter and V22 Osprey. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 747-800 aircraft feature Stimulite mattresses in the crew rest.

Supracor’s newest cushion aims to revolutionize comfort seating with its functional 2-in-1 design.

The new cushion, named the SupraSeat® Comfort Cushion features a removable layer of Stimulite® honeycomb inside a cover. To use the SupraSeat by itself, just remove it from the cover. A cut-out handle allows the cushion to be carried anywhere to provide comfort in the car, on a plane, or at the ball game. Only ¾” in thickness, the SupraSeat, is completely supportive. The honeycomb cells contour to the body while perforations in the cell walls keep the cushion cool and allow water to drain through should it rain.

When a thicker cushion is required the SupraSeat is placed back in its cover which includes a polyurethane foam panel, increasing the cushion’s thickness to 2.” This is the perfect thickness for working at a desk or with a computer.

The SupraSeat Comfort Cushion also has an attractive price: 2 cushions for the price of one!