Katherine Beattie

Katherine Beattie has always loved wheels. As a child she was determined to become a skateboarder, even though Cerebral Palsy made it difficult to balance on or push a skateboard. She took many years off from action sports after a surgery weakened her legs more than expected, but once she tried WCMX she knew she'd found the perfect sport. Riding since 2012, Katherine is currently the #1 ranked Female WCMX rider in the world, and 8th overall. She is also the first female to successfully land a backflip on a wheelchair. When she's not riding WCMX she practices her first love, skateboarding – only now she skates on her knees using her hands to push. She enjoys teaching as much as competing and travels around California with the goal of getting more girls involved in action sports and loves showing young people and those with recent injuries how much fun wheelchairs can be.