Will Matay

As an advocate for the disabled, Will is well known for providing informational resources. He’s a true believer in knowledge is power, and wants every person to know what resources are available for the disabled, how to get them, where to go for help and how to meet other disabled people within their community. Will also attends support groups throughout the Southern California area from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Throughout the years, he has worked for non-profit organizations where he has met some incredible people, learned about the many programs for the disabled, helped numerous individuals overcome obstacles and, most recently, has become the Development Director for the Triumph Foundation. While helping the Triumph Foundation grow and excel, he has become a hand cycling enthusiast and athlete. He has been to numerous marathons, including the 2015 Zion Half Marathon. Will ended up taking second place this year; although he didn’t take first place, he did take 20 minutes off of his finish time.

In addition, Will is the Development Director for the Walk and Roll Foundation. He works with an amazing group of talented people, expanding their organization’s programs to help more people within the disabled community.