Domonic Corradin

There is nothing ordinary about Domonic Corradin, who lives life to the utmost extreme. His passion for life, sports and everything in between is his driving force. One of Domonic’s goals is to share his experiences with others in hope of them following in his tracks or blazing a trail of their own. He has traveled the world visiting 15 countries on 4 different continents. As a motivational speaker and mentor Dominic encourages others to dream and conquer any fears and limitations they may face.

Of all adaptive sports he most likely has participated in them all. Domonic is an adrenaline addict, a thrill seeker. His drive to break any and all of his barriers and limitations has led him to handcycling, wheelchair basketball, rock climbing, kayaking, waterskiing, scuba diving, snow skiing and skydiving. Domonic’s need for speed has even led him to car racing, he was one of eight “celebrity drivers” for the Accessible Racing team. After hearing Domonic’s successful story of overcoming adversity, people realize that anything is possible.