Erika Bogan

Hometown: Huntersville, North Carolina

Erika Bogan is an inspiration to many. As a motivational speaker, she increases awareness of people with disabilities and explains how they can overcome challenges. When she was crowned Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina in 2009 and then Ms. Wheelchair America in 2010 she realized that her purpose in life was to inspire others by sharing her life story.

"My soul and life purpose is to show the world that anything's possible, no matter what obstacles we may face. There is a reason and a purpose for everything that we encounter in our life's journey."

Erika is an enthusiast of adaptive sports; her main passion is surfing. She also enjoys parasailing, skydiving, skiing and bungee-jumping. She believes that adaptive sports can help redefine people's lives after injury or disability. With Erika's active lifestyle she demonstrates that anything is possible and that the sky's the limit. And that people can do anything they put their mind to.

When asked about her Supracor cushion, she said "I will not use any other cushion since trying the Supracor cushion. It not only allows me to live my active lifestyle with no worries about wear and tear, but it keeps me comfortable whether I am at the beach surfing or in the mountains skiing."