Christina Ripp

Hometown: Dane, Wisconsin

Christina Ripp is very accomplished in wheelchair basketball. She has been playing since high school and continued throughout college at the University of Illinois. She graduated in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Community Health, moved to Colorado the following year and co-founded the first women's wheelchair basketball team in Denver, the Denver Lady Rolling Nuggets.

Chrisina's accomplishments in wheelchair basketball include winning the gold medal in the 2004 Athens Paralympics and the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. She is a 3 time National Champion, 2 time National Women's Wheelchair Basketball Tournament MVP and 3 time Women's Wheelchair Basketball Paralympian.

Along with wheelchair basketball Christina loves wheelchair track and road racing. She has won 1st place in several marathons within the past 10 years which include the Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon, Columbus Marathon and Denver Marathon. Her goal is to compete at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London for wheelchair racing.

When asked about the wheelchair cushions she uses Christina said, "I have tried a lot of different cushions over the years and have found that Supracor's Stimulite cushions are the cushions I will always use. I use my Supracor cushions for everyday use and for sports. I love how lightweight and durable they are. They are also very easy to travel with and clean."