The Stimulite® Baby Mattress—a must-have for a protective microclimate against SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) still strikes thousands of infants worldwide each year. To reduce risk factors, experts advise that parents create a safe microclimate for their sleeping infants. Two important ways to provide a safe haven against SIDS are 1) seeing to it that excessive heat does not build up in a crib or bassinet and 2) ensuring that infants avoid rebreathing (see below).

The revolutionary Stimulite Baby Mattress is by far the best mattress on the market to address both these risk factors.

Excessive heat, researchers say, puts an infant into too deep a sleep, restricting his or her ability to respond to distress signals from the brain when there is insufficient oxygen. Thanks to thousands of perforations in the honeycomb's cellular matrix, air circulates both horizontally and vertically, eliminating heat build-up.

The myriad of perforations also enables dangerous CO2 that a baby exhales to flow through rather than remain trapped on the mattress. In this way, the toxic CO2 does not become a part of the child's rebreathing—air that has been expelled but is taken back in. Test results prove the Stimulite Baby Mattress can help save lives.

Researchers at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, tested three baby mattresses recently for their ability to dissipate CO2. The first mattress, using a vulcanized latex core with coconut fibers and considered environmentally friendly, only allowed 20% of the expelled CO2 to pass through. The second, a foam rubber mattress commonly available, fared a bit better, but still trapped 54% of the CO2 that could become part of a baby's rebreathing. The perforated Stimulite Baby Mattress, which is made of an advanced thermoplastic, allowed nearly all (92%) of the expelled CO2 to pass through.

Based on her studies, the lead German researcher recommends that parents shop carefully for their baby mattresses. Parents are advised to read the fine print and ask questions.

Safer slumber for infants has now arrived in the coziness and comfort of the Stimulite Baby Mattress. After all, a baby's breath and warmth should be sheer delight—day or night.

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